Here at Mears we have a great selection of quality rugs in all shapes and sizes.

We have a fantastic mixture of traditional and contemporary designs and styles available, and below we have listed two of our newest ranges of rugs

In a fast and consuming society where technology, data upload and high speed, is part of everyday, “House of Modivia” goes back to purity. A refreshing honesty of spirit, craftmanship of past times and fine embroidery combined with simple lines creating a tranquil and serene space away from the daily distractions. Warm neutrals like crème, taupe, grey and beige with the occasional hint of chocolate or espresso brown thrown in to the ground palette. Brighten it up with soft tones, the “Casa Collection” is a mixture of the right amount of light and colour. It mixes old and new merged with some refreshing details bringing it to this period of time.

Sizes Available

80 x 150cm – £89
120 x 170cm – £149
140 x 200cm – £199
160 x 230cm – £264
200 x 290cm – £429


Sheepskin Rugs

Classic and yet very “of the moment”. Cosy up with these beautiful woolly sheepskin rugs. Using the softest and most vibrant selected sheepskins ensures that these rugs will add comfort to any room. Ideal for lounges and bedrooms.

Available in single, double and quad sizes.


Metallic Cowhide Rugs

We have Genuine Natural Cowhide rugs with splashes of metallic in silver and gold than add a touch of luxury and glamour to these beautiful hides. We work with some of the worlds finest tanneries to offer high quality, A grade cowhides that are thick, soft and subtle. Cowhides look great on the floor but can also be used as a stylish wall hanging or draped over furnishings.  Cowhide rugs come from genuine cattle hide and each piece may have original scar, scratches and branding markings. These will not affect the wearing properties of the cowhides, we feel they enhance the appearance and are the sign of a genuine leather hide. To maintain the appearance of a cowhide we recommend regular shaking outside to remove any trapped dirt or by using the nozzle attachment of a hoover. In high traffic areas we recommend turning the rug on a regular basis to ensure even wear.

Classic Shaggy/Majestic Rugs 

Sizes available

.80 x 1.5m – £25

1.2m x 1.7m – £50